What to Do in Tenerife: 10 Things to Put on Your Bucket List

When thinking about relocating home, many people consider the things to do in the local area an important factor. Those wishing to move to Tenerife often ask us about the island and what it has to offer. It’s known for its popular resorts, blue flag beaches, vibrant nightlife and natural landscape, all of which help to make Tenerife one of the best places in the world to live. If you’re thinking about moving here and want to know what to do in Tenerife, we have you covered. We’ve outlined 10 of the best things to do in Tenerife, many of which are must-sees and can’t be missed off your bucket list.

  • Posted on: 13 June 2019 by lee

Moving to Tenerife: 10 Reasons Why

Tenerife: the largest and most populous island within the Canaries. It attracts more than 6 million visitors a year from all around the world, with many of them returning time and time again. In fact, what may have been an initial family holiday often results in the start of something special. Despite being an incredibly popular holiday destination, Tenerife is also an ideal place to call home. Moving to Tenerife is one of the best things you may end up doing. And with so much to do and see here, it’s easy to see why so many people look to relocate to Tenerife.

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La Caleta, Is it extending and developing or spoiling?

When walking from the Playa del Duque in the evening to have dinner in the quaint Village of La Caleta you can’t help but notice the imposing almost cruise ship like hotel which towers over the sleepy Village. It is brightly lit and almost has a electric buzz around it!

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Criticism of Rental Estate Agents in Tenerife Fair or unfair.

             Criticism of rental Estate Agents in Tenerife,
                                           Fair or unfair?
Estate agents are taking unfair criticism for charging contract / finder’s fees from clients looking for properties.  Let’s look at the facts!

  • Posted on: 11 September 2018 by lee

The up and coming area of Alcala.

The Spanish village of Alcala has become increasingly popular over the last few years but yet retained its charm and charisma. The original part of Playa Alcala has a small sandy beach, a small harbour for entry of boats, jet skis etc. There are sun beds available on the promenade, with step entrances to access the sea. There are several very good restaurants along the way such as Restaurante Sauco, Lupulo and Restaurante Escondida all which you advised to book in advance.

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Short term holiday rental announcement. (May 22nd 2017)

Tenerife Cabildo convenes meeting with all municipalities to analyse Vivienda Vacacional decree redrafted and unveiled yesterday by Canarian Government
22 MAY 2018
Tenerife Cabildo convenes meeting with all municipalities to analyse Vivienda Vacacional decree redrafted and unveiled yesterday by Canarian Government

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New Buying Off Plan 2008

      A new dawn, with a great new development.

An increase in sales and a new buoyant property market has left the Estate Agents in Tenerife with a lack of stock in 2008. What we need is developers and builder to build! And Grupo Los Mensey,s have not let us down. They have just released 3 superb developments which Morfitt Properties Tenerife are pleased and proud to have been instructed to sell.

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