La Caleta, Is it extending and developing or spoiling?

When walking from the Playa del Duque in the evening to have dinner in the quaint Village of La Caleta you can’t help but notice the imposing almost cruise ship like hotel which towers over the sleepy Village. It is brightly lit and almost has a electric buzz around it!
You can’t help but to be impressed by the grand and somewhat breathtaking enormity of the hotel, but at the same time, should it be allowed to happen? Planning permission is very strict wherever you build or extend. You only have to ask one of the property owners in the Village of La Caleta who have ever have asked to extend a roof terrace to add a bedroom or office on! There would have been hoops to jump through and all sorts of reasons why you could not build. It would be commented that you would be taking some views away or simply the privacy from your windows looking onto neighbouring rooms or terraces. The hotel hovers over most of these properties and it’s doubtful that you could sunbath on your roof terrace without feeling that you are being watched by hundreds of people, let alone the beautiful mountain range you have now lost the view of.
The hotel, placed higher or near the Playa del Duque would be a glorious asset to the area and I’m not saying that La Caleta should not be developed, but i think the words “ Developed sympathetically to the surrounding ambience” is what architects are taught to strive for and to build in harmony with the quaint “Olde Worlde” theme would have been nice for the residents.

  • Posted on: 12 December 2018 by lee

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