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Many people are asking, "Whats this sticker means" which is appearing everywhere!

This is a representation of the wishes of the many people that are against the new Law that is trying to be forced through parliament in Spain. That new and unbelievable Law states that properties in a TOURISTIC locations can not be rented out for tourists. It actually says that residential areas like Puerto De Santiago and Palm Mar can have Tourists. So people working in these areas can go home in the evening where next door the people could be on holiday and therefore in Holiday mode. The reasons for this are 2 fold.

1,The Hotels are pushing to fill their rooms. Sometimes far too expensive for some clients who CAN afford private rentals.

2, The inland revenue can regulate taxes by collecting them from clients who are registered with passports through reception. this is far easier than having to chase private owners who rent out and dont always pay their taxes correctly. 

In a nutshell, give the people who have properties in tourist areas a chance to rent the properties out to tourists but make sure the correct taxes are applied. Leave the residential areas to residents who want peace and quiet and not in holiday mode.

The Vv (vivienda vacacional) Si Sticker,wants control and regulation on holiday rentals. It wants rules of quality control, noise control and Landlords taking responsibility for the good of Tourism and also surrounding ambience.This has been a grey area for years and now needs confronting. It also means that Legal Letting will be in force and Taxes will be paid. We cannot go on ignoring this situation. Control and legislation is needed to at last clarify this area of Tourism that has been a grey area for years.

  • Posted on: 14 June 2018 by lee

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