Rush hour traffic congestion in South Tenerife.

Traffic problems in the South of Tenerife have become increasingly worse in 2017.
For example, there are a several kilometre long jams on the TF 1 around the roads to Golf del Sur and San Miguel and an average of 75,000 cars per day are affected. There also are plans for a huge roundabout over the TF1 at las Chafiras to replace the existing one. It will have 3 lanes which will have fast access lanes so you don’t have to join the roundabout making getting to and from The Las Chafiras trading estate much easier.
Councillors have signed a manifesto aimed at the Canarian Government to address the problem. There has been a meeting called CEST (Circle of Business men and Professionals of South Tenerife) and the president Roberto Ucelay has commented of his worries to the image of our tourism because of all the traffic jams.
It has underlined plans to improve the roads and infrastructure between residential areas and tourist zones. Getting on and off the TF1 at busy times have become a time consuming nightmare.
The Manifesto includes:
• A third lane on the TF 1 from Las Americas to Armeñime.
• An urgent decision on works to the San Isidro and Las Americas links.
• A new link to Los Cristianos, must have a 3rd lane, to be given priority status.
• A solution to the TF-47 issue in Alcala
 It was proposed that the main roundabout in Los Cristianos be reduced in size to earn more circulation space. I would think that there would be a need for lessons as to how to use multiple lanes as this could create a disaster in itself.
The good news is that the problem has been recognised and improvements will be made. There is a 32 million Euro project which was launched in August but will be done in stages and will take several years.


  • Posted on: 14 December 2017 by lee

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